‘Go wild, go native, and get back to nature in your own back garden’

‘Birthday parties built around nature and bushcraft activities; have fun whilst learning the skills needed to live in the wilderness’

‘Fun activities for all regardless of age or ability’



  • Bushcraft parties for ages 8 – 80. Spend 3 hours outdoors reconnecting with your primitive ancestors learning how to make and manage fires safely, cook your own snacks and then sit around the fire learning knife skills and making crafts using natural resources.
  • Archery parties for ages 6 and upwards. Make and shoot your own simple bows and arrows and then hone your target skills using modern bows. If you wish we can incorporate the use of other primitive target skills into the party for variety such as catapults, atlatl and throwing arrows.

Team building

  • Move away from the common place team building days involving flip charts, coloured pens and embarrassing games. Get active and get to know your colleagues better by working together to learn and implement bushcraft skills, earn your lunch and cook it on an open fire.

School and youth group workshops

  • Are you a teacher wanting to get your children out of the classroom and learning about the natural world or obtaining bushcraft skills?
  • Are you the leader of a youth organisation looking for a fun interesting activity for an evening/weekend meeting or to meet the requirements of a badge?
  • If your answer is yes then choose from our list of workshops or contact me to provide bespoke lessons to meet your requirements.

The Ranger – Countryside Management Services

  • Woodland Management
  • Habitat & Wildlife Management
  • Tree, Fruit Tree & Orchard Pruning
  • Countryside Surveying