‘We called upon Jon wondering if he could teach our 9 year old son to whittle for his birthday. We ended up arranging a bushcraft party! We hadn’t thought this possible as we have no garden – only a car park out the back. But this didn’t deter Jon’s enthusiasm one jot. He had this amazing portable fire (complete with a supply of wood!) and he had a tarp to put up in case it rained. He brought all the whittling knives he would need. He brought EVERYTHING with him that he would need to give a substantial bushcraft party. So our son and 7 of his friends learnt how to whittle under Jon’s safe guidance and direction. But not just that, he also showed them how to safely and responsibly create fire in so many different ways. He also brought his own dough and showed them how to bake on the fire. It just went on! Jon held the space beautifully and the boys had a peaceful, constructive, creative, joyful and very “rich” experience. I can’t recommend Jon highly enough!’ Catherine Stone – Central Cambridge.

 ‘I attended Jon’s weekend bushcraft training course for Scout and Guide leaders. It was excellent and I would highly recommend it. Jon covered fire lighting, shelter building, making wooden campsite gadgets, water purification, the safe use of cutting tools (including knife sharpening), and some aspects of natural history including tree and plant identification and uses. At each stage Jon demonstrated and explained the various techniques and offered helpful tips for what to do and what not to do. He also offered suggestions for how best to teach and conduct these activities with groups of young people, which was very helpful. I learnt a great deal from Jon’s course and it gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to lead sessions myself with groups of young people. Jon is experienced and a very good instructor, I would highly recommend his courses’ Simon Adamyk – Unit Helper, Hertfordshire Guiding

 ‘Jon has been the main lead enabling us to run bushcraft sessions at the Jarman Centre during 2015. He has coached and steered a small group of interested adult volunteers over the last 2 years to be able to provide a variety of safe and fun sessions for children aged 7 through to adults requiring Team Building exercises. Jon has an amazing wealth of knowledge and skills in the subject and shows genuine enthusiasm at all times. He is able to set the sessions at the correct level for those he is teaching and shows patience when needed. We have a group of standard sessions that we offer but Jon has always been able to come up with suitable and varied ideas when sessions need to be tailor made for a group.

Jon is also very safety conscious having developed a set of Risk assessments to go with the sessions that we run at the Jarman Centre. He is meticulous with the use and maintenance of all knives, saws and other equipment used. Jon has a very thorough understanding of how woodland should be looked after and not overused which is particularly relevant to us as all 18.4 acres of our estate is covered by a Woodland Preservation Order.’ Toni-Ann Hammond – The Jarman Centre Estate Manager

Jon provided the perfect outdoor activities for our guests at my 40th birthday party.  Arriving in advance, setting up a covered area with a hanging fire and all the equipment he needed.  He skilfully interacted with the children and adults to craft wooden flutes and rope wristbands.  His fire created a wonderful ambiance late into the evening.  I highly recommended Jon for your event. Prakash Patel – Central Cambridge